José Tomás

05 of August, perform José Tomás bullfighter in Huelva Bullring. Reserve your tickets early.

14 of August, perform José Tomás bullfighter in San Sebastian Bullring. Reserve your tickets early.

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Bullfighter Jose Tomas Román  Martín

Jose Tomas 

Date of birth: Galapagar (Madrid) on 20 August 1975.

Public debut: The 07 Fedrero de 1991

He debuted with picadors: In Valdemorillo on June 24, 1993 in a poster completed by Antonio Canales Rivera Barrera and Roman Steer Sorando.

The debut Sales: 09/24/1995 I acartelado with Luis Miguel Encabo and "Rafaelillo" Steer Las Ramblas.

Alternative: in Mexico (Mexico) sharing the stage with Jorge Gutierrez and Manolo Mejia with bulls Xaray the December 10, 1995

He confirmed the alternative in Madrid on May 14, 1996 acartelado with Ortega Cano and "Jesulín de Ubrique" Jandilla bulls.

José Tomás Roman Martin is know as José Tomás in  the world of bullfighting. The son of  Isabel and José Tomás, he is the eldest of four sons. His passion for bullfighting was groomed in him by his grandfather, Celestino Román, with whom he attended bullfights as a child at Las Ventas.

His debut as novillero took place in Mexico, where he was obliged to go because of the few bullfighting opportunities in Spain.  Taking the alternativa in 1995, and as a fully fledged matador, he triumphed in the most important bullrings in the world. At Las Ventas he seven times left the ring via the Puerta Grande hoisted on his teammates shoulders.

In a short period of time, he became one of the most important matadors of his generation, competing with other matadors such as Enrique Ponce and El Juli. He displays valor, serenity, closeness to the bull and a superb aptitude and inborn disposition for bullfighting.

A controversial and noticeably reserved bullfighter, José Tomás inexplicably decided to retire from the bullring in 2002, then to reappear in 2007 at the Monumental bullring in Barcelona, considered to be his talisman bullring. Since then, he has generated great expectations in each of his rare appearances, in which he has triumphed and attracted large gatherings of aficionados.

Honors have  included the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts (Medalla de Oro al Mérito de las Bellas Artes) in 2007, Favorite Son (Hijo predilecto) of Galapar, and Gold Medal of the City of Madrid.

 50 Trophy "Santa Faz", the winner of the Fair for Joseph Thomas, for his task the bull struggled in 5th place name "crowing" pertaining to livestock Cuvillo Nunez, who cut two ears, being awarded return to ring