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Bullring of Valencia. Bullfights are held throughout all the year. Fallas Fair, La Virgen de los Desamparados, San Jaime Fair or July Fair and Comunidad de Valencia. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Valencia. The most important bullfights in the bullring in Valencia are held during the Fallas festivals.

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Bullring Valencia

Before building the bullring, the bullfighting festivals were held at the central market opposite the market square. In 1859 is built as one of the Bullring of Spain's largest, resembles the Colosseum in Rome. The official opening is done with Nazario Carriquiri bulls and bulls of the widow of Zalduendo, for the bullfighter Francisco Arjona "Cúchares". Over time the bullring has undergone a war prison and concentration camp prisoners, a fire in 1946 that destroys half of the square and a flood in 1957, which was the largest flood that the Rio Turia had caused the city of Valencia to change forever, to become the square that we know today, they have lack 3 renovations.This bullring has a special joy, is that a break occurs so that the public picnic, the band entertains all the celebration with pasodobles and never fail failure fair or July top bullfighting figures.

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Capacity: 12.000 locations 
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Location: C/Xàtiva 28 - 46004 Valencia

Valencia Fallas: from the top of the Torres de Serranos, the Fallera mayor of Valencia with his Court of honor, and the Mayor announce the start of the holidays... "that people from all over the world come to enjoy this city and world heritage festivities. Lift the banners that we are at fault. "Viva Valencia, failures to live"... And with these words begin a holiday to experience the 5 senses. Feel the trembling of the ground at the fireworks display from the Town Hall, the smell of gunpowder, see ” falleros” and the “falleras” parade through the streets, smell the flowers offered to the Virgin, enjoy the paellas, oranges and pumpkin fritters, visit each Monument Fallas and night streets full of light colors and shows from fires man-made. That wonderful city! The land of oranges and paella. Come to see the white light of Sorolla and Santiago Calatrava that for that buildings this is his hometown. Without a doubt the best city in the world to live.

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Information from the city of Valencia:
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Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates :
- March . Festival of Fallas. We recommend to you to buy the tickets in advance Tickets sell out quickly so don't miss out!.(still needs to be confirmed)
- May .Festival in honor to Virgen de los Desamparados.(still needs to be confirmed)
- July . Festival of July "San Jaime"(still needs to be confirmed)
- October 2-4. Festival of the Valencia Community. Culture of Bou

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