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Alicante Bullring. Hogueras festivities. Bullfight.

Servitoro, Official Box office of bullfighting tickets sales at Alicante bullring.

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Sol-Segunda Andanada


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Sol-Primera Andanada


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Sol-Sillón de rellano


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Sol y Sombra17-20Tendido


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Sol y Sombra13-16Tendido


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Sol y Sombra9-12Tendido


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Sol y Sombra5-8Tendido


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Sol y Sombra1-4Tendido


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Sol y Sombra-Contrabarrera


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Bullfight tickets Alicante

Hogueras de San Juan Fair 2019

  • The opening of the festivities take place at midnight on June 20, coinciding with the summer solstice. These fires were only piles of rubbish and old furniture that were collected during the cleaning of the houses with the  arrival of summer and Las Hogueras years ago have been associated with the festival of San Juan, on June 24, the day Las Hogueras come to end. Las Hogueras actually are artistic pieces of wood and cardboard stone reminiscent of the gigantic structures of Las Fallas in Valencia.
  • In the great Hogueras night fireworks are launched in the form of palm from the picturesque Santa Barbara Castle, just above the Bay of Alicante.
  • During the fair firecrackers are released, the balloons float in the air, horseback riding wind through the streets and fireworks light up the sky every day at midnight.
  • Discover the spirit and culture of Spain!! 

Understand the Bullfight:
Knowledge of bulls is the key to good amateur, why Servitoro explains step by step the art of bullfighting, that you learn to see and enjoy the ceremony of the Lidia del Toro bravo. become with us a first amateur in 15 minutes!

Who are we:
Servitoro delivery service offers the User the opportunity to acquire the tickets in a safe and easy manner from his/her home address, avoiding long queues before ticket offices. Servitoro offers to non-residents the opportunity to deliver the tickets to hotels, hostels (4 days before the show) and similar during their stay in Spain and coinciding with the bullfight event (charges a fixed cost of 12€ per ticket VAT included). In the Bullring you can take photos without flash and record videos without permission.

If you desire more information, please contact us at servitoro@servitoro.com or at 0034 963308593 (call time 9:00-20:00, Monday to Friday)


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