Padilla bracelet "El sufrimiento es parte de la gloria"

As a lover of bullfighting art we know that you will love our Padilla bracelet, one of the best bullfighting accessories in Servitoro, with which we pay tribute to one of the most charismatic bullfighters in recent years, Juan José Padilla, also known as “The cyclone of Jerez".

It's one of our bullfighting bracelets par excellence, made in Spain with the best materials and with an exclusive design by Servitoro in which we have focused on the canons of bullfighting fashion, making a unique accessory that will bring elegance and distinction to your looks during the bull season.

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Juan José Padilla bullfighting bracelet, made in Spain

The bullfighting bracelet Juan José Padilla has been made in Spain by Servitoro, making a unique design that will not go unnoticed and will love bullfighting lovers. Just looking at your wrist you will know your passion for bullfighting art.

In our collection of bullfighting bracelets we can see this bracelet with which we pay tribute to Juan José Padilla, a Spanish bullfighter known as “El cyclone of Jerez”, who is characterized by wearing a patch, due to a serious accident with a bull in the bullring of "La Misericordia" in Zaragoza where he lost his left eye.

A true icon for bullfighting stores, the Padilla bracelet has been handcrafted in Spain in black and white cloth, with an inspiring message on the outside on genuine cowhide: "El sufrimiento es parte de la gloria" (Suffering is part of glory). Message transmitted by the Juan José Padilla after receiving the National Bullfighting Award.

One of the most charismatic bullfighting accessories

The Padilla bracelet is one of the most charismatic bullfighting accessories, it has the traditional bullfighting colors and a unique message that pays tribute to one of the best bullfighters in recent years. A perfect bullfighting accessory for the beginning of the season with which you will complete your most bullfighting outfit with your own style. Olé!

With an original design of black and white blanket fabric on the inside, the outside is made with brown cowhide, which will bring more elegance to your wrist. Both for you and as a gift, the Padilla bullfighting bracelet will be a sure hit.

Technical details:


• Made 100% in Spain.
• Exclusive Servitoro design.
• Bullfighting bracelet tribute to the bullfighter Juan José Padilla.
• Inspiring message:  “El sufrimiento es parte de la gloria” (Suffering is part of glory).
• Metal nickel closure.
• Black and white blanket fabric inside.
• Exterior in cowhide.

Exterior composition:

• 60% polyamide.
• 25% cotton.
• 15% calf leather.


• 100% cotton.


• Zamak in silver.


• Do not dry clean.
• Do not iron.
• Can not tumble dry.
• Do not wash.
• Do not use whitener.

Recommendations for optimal maintenance:

• When not in use, keep the Padilla bullfighting bracelet designed by Servitoro in a cool and dry place, protected of the sun and excessive heat.
• Avoid shocks and sudden changes in temperature.
• Clean with water, neutral soap and a 100% cotton cloth.
• If necessary, go to a specialist in the treatment of this type of skin.