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Las Ventas bullring. Great bullfight in Las Ventas. Two bullfighting shows

The price includes management fees Servitoro + 10% surcharge applied by the promoter.

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Servitoro, Official Box office of bullfighting tickets sales at Madrid bullring.

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Bullfighthing pack Madrid, October 9th and 12th

  • Sunday 9th October. Bullfight. Bulls from Fuente Ymbro for Miguel Ángel Perera, Juan Leal and Álvaro Lorenzo

  • HISPANIDAD DAY. Wednesday 12 October. Bullfight. Bulls of Victoriano del Río / T. de Cortés for Talavante, Roca Rey and Fco. de Manuel.

What is Bullfighting?

Knowledge of bulls is the key to good amateur, why Servitoro explains step by step the art of bullfighting, that you learn to see and enjoy the ceremony of the Lidia del Toro bravo. Become with us a first amateur in 15 minutes!

where to buy bullfight tickets Madrid?

Servitoro delivery service offers the User the opportunity to acquire the tickets in a safe and easy manner from his/her home address, avoiding long queues before ticket offices. Servitoro charges a fixed cost of 12€ per ticket VAT included + 10% surcharge applied by the promoter. Sending of PDF tickets, to gain access to the bullring you must print the PDF FILE. Food cannot be brought in.

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