¡Two worlds, same spirit!
feb 26, 2015

¡Two worlds, same spirit!

Nowadays, there are many the famous that show their passion about taurine world through to songs, photographies with taurine clothing and interviews in the ABC newspaper.

We can found elite footballers, popular singers in our country or and foreign actresses that showing their passion for bullfighting. 

Actually, a popular singer in Spain, Joaquín Sabina in a celebration in which he picked up a win, by the join of Clubs taurinos Paul Richard confessed “I am a singer by cowardice, I would want be bullfighting, at nights I never dream that I sing, I dream that I bullfighting”

On the other hand, in Spain, an elite footballer Sergio Ramos has showed at different times in the field football his love by the taurine world. In the great victories, he takes a traditional layer and he does several movements with it, at the same time, people applaud and say a Spanish phrase !Óle!, !Óle!

Sarah Jessica Parker fell in love of Spanish clothing when she was doing a photo report in New York. When she saw the Spanish clothing, was surprised and made jokes acclaiming it. She said an interesting phrase “In all my live, with all cloth that I have had that to showed, never I had never seen so”

Finally, an important playwright in our country that feels great passion for the bulls is Albert Boadella. In an interview in the ABC newspaper, he declared that was a defender of  taurine celebrations and he is unhappy with the Catalan people because some don´t have respect about this wonderful culture. He said a significative phrase in the interview “This great art, has survived miraculously”

All these phrases switch on the flame and the spirit about Spanish culture and traditions of our times.