Bonfires of San Juan, old tradition!
may 13, 2015

Bonfires of San Juan, old tradition!

In Alicante fire ritual that lasted for centuries and is closely related to the agricultural environment. Festivity where farmers celebrated the longest day of the year to harvest crops and the shortest night for destruction of evil.
Despite the various prohibitions and warnings from the authorities in Alicante , establishing a fine on citizens who lit bonfires in the streets, people were still lighting fires endlessly year after year.
In 1881 the city council by mistake citizens were not warned the ban on bonfires and they met in the streets with music and a good atmosphere.
Subsequently the Alicante authorities formalized the party in order to increase the number of tourists and keep citizens proud and happy.
Currently " Bonfires of San Juan " are declared of national tourist interest , and later of International Tourist Interest.
On the other hand , we highlight the bullfighting tradition in Alicante from 1605 commemorating the birth of the son of Philip II.
After incessant spaces provisional bulls and remodeling, the current Plaza de Toros de Alicante, opened on June 15, 1888 , with a capacity for 15,235 spectators.
The next bullfights to be held in Alicante next June, have spectacular bullfights hand great bullfighters like: Finito de Córdoba, Manzanares, El Juli andTalavante.


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