ago 6, 2015


August is bullfighting month par excellence, with exhibitions of high category and celebrations for all the corners of Spain. Bullfighter from North to South showing his talent in the bullring. Servitoro teaches a short tour of festivals bullfighting throughout the month of August, so schedule your vacation and not miss outstanding presentations.

Bullfight in Palma de Mallorca: with the impressive trio: Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante.

Fair of La Peregrina in Pontevedra: 3 bullfighting spectacles, one of them Rejones. Luxurious triplet: Enrique Ponce, Morante and El Juli.

Marbella: Sunday Bulls. Paquirri, Morante and Talavante make the taurine Paseíllo.

Fair of Albahaca in Huesca: 4 bullfights and one of Rejones. In one of their posters highlighting the “mano a mano” between two masters: Enrique Ponce and El Juli.

Fair of Nuestra Señora de Begoña, Gijón: 7 bullfighting shows with notable bullfighter.

Semana Grande San Sebastian: the bulls again Illumbe, San Sebastian. 3 bullfights and 1 Rejones.

Malaga summer fair. 8 celebrations of season. Among its posters: 1 Picassiana bullfight featuring Alejandro Talavante and 6 outstanding farms.

Puerto de Santamaria: 3 bullfights, one of them a trap of 6 Bulls with Sebastian Castella as single sword and Rejones in which Fermín Bohorquez says goodbye.

Real Feria de Antequera: Festival of national tourist interest. 2 shows. A Goyesca and a Rejones.

Feria de San Julián in Cuenca: 4 bullfighting and one of Rejones.

Fair of La Virgen Del Mar in Almeria: 4 celebrations: 3 bullfights and a Rejones.

Summer in las Ventas, Madrid: every Sunday hosts celebrations, in addition to the day of La Paloma (15/08) with the presentation of Carlos Escolar “Frascuelo”, Angel Teruel and Javier Jiménez.

Schedule your festivities with time and don't miss in the ring of best bullfighters; as ALEJANDRO TALAVANTEwho heads the largest number of Paseíllo so far of season, EL FANDI stood for the number of received trophies and leader of squares of first and second category EL JULI

Book in advance and avoid long lines!