Bulls sign Illescas
feb 11, 2016

Bulls sign Illescas

Bulls sign Illescas

MaxiToro company has prepared an attractive poster coinciding with the celebrations del Milagro of this town of Toledo. Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and López Simón will do the "paseíllo" on 12 March at the Bullring Illescas occasion of the Spring bullfight. 

bulls illescas

How to get to Illescas from Toledo.

Buildings and cultural attractions:

building and cultural attractions illescas
- Calle Real: a transit and transit passengers at their doors, Madrid and Toledo.
- Plaza de las Cadenas: Located in front of the Church of Charity, retains an elm about 500 years.
- Olmo del Milagro: Part of the cultural heritage of the people and the legends and traditions.
- Plaza Hermanos Fernández Criado: Urban space protected, preserving buildings of two heights of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.