The names of Olivenza Fair 2018
feb 1, 2018

The names of Olivenza Fair 2018

The Fair becomes a tribute to El Juli, who will double, on its 20th anniversary

In a ceremony held at Olivenza's House of Culture and presented by the journalist Manolo Molés, the combinations of the cycle of Olivenza were announced yesterday. The Juli will make two afternoons the 'paseíllo' and also will bring steers with his iron, El Freixo.

One of the great novelties of the season ticket is the hand to hand (for being the first time) between the bullfighter from Madrid and Ginés Marín with different fighting bull ranches, among which is Victorino Martín who returns to Olivenza. The poster pays tribute to the rancher incorporating the A crowned in his text.

The serial will be:

  •  · Friday, March 2; steers from El Freixo for María del Mar Santos, Juanito, Alfonso Cadaval, Toñete, Marcos and Alejandro Adame, who will debut with horses.

    · Saturday 3; morning, bulls from El Tajo and La Reina for Juan José Padilla, José Garrido and Luis David.
    Evening, Garcigrande bulls for El Juli, Miguel Ángel Perera and Alejandro Talavante.
  • · Sunday 4; morning, bulls from Victoriano Del Río for Enrique Ponce, Antonio Ferrera and Roca Rey.
    Evening, bulls from Zalduendo, Victorino Martín and Garcigrande for El Juli and Ginés Marín.

Fair of Olivenza 2018



Ruedo de Olivenza has presented in Fitur the work that will illustrate the posters

The company of the Olivenza bullring has chosen the International Tourism Fair to show the poster of the Taurine Fair 2018. Sophie von Hanau is the author. The artist, the Austrian-German princess, is making her debut in the field of bullfighting, one of her great hobbies.

The posters that make up the Fair will be presented next week, as announced by his businessman José Cutiño. The edition, which will be 28 years old, will be from March 2 to 4 and will feature some of the main bullfighting figures. In addition, on March 1 will be a master class for the little ones by the hand of Ginés Marín and the Taurine School of Badajoz.

Poster of Olivenza

Poster of Olivenza Fair 2018, by Sophie von Hanau.