official bullfight poster of Algeciras
may 23, 2016

official bullfight poster of Algeciras

Official Bullfight Poster of Algeciras

Bullring Las Palomas of Algeciras. Real Bullfight June 19-25. 2 Bullfights, one of Rejones and practice novillada Class.
Day 21 as a novelty: the "desencajonamiento" of the bulls, at eight o'clock.

The three celebrations will start at 19:30 hours, unless the "Novillada" (young bulls), which will start at 19 hours.

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During the fair, the exhibition center is located between the Carretera de Málaga and Circunvalación de la ciudad, next to the neighborhood of Las Colinas. 

It is divided into two areas:
1. Trade show booths in about six blocks adorned with "castañuelas", Laces, its perpendicular Mantilla, lanterns and fans.

 2. Amusement park, raffles or food stalls.

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