The posters of Magdalena Fair
feb 6, 2018

The posters of Magdalena Fair

The posters of Magdalena Fair

The cycle was presented in Castellón past weekend, composed of six bullfights and a practical class

The company Gestión Universal de Espectáculos unveiled the combinations of the Magdalena Fair 2018, whose protagonist this year in Jose Mari Manzanares. The bullfighter of Alicante reappears in Europe after the serious injury that forced him to cut last season and will act two afternoons. He is also the protagonist of the poster announcer, a work by Marcos Terol, artist from Málaga.

Another of the great attractions is the return of Victorino Martín's fighting bulls ranch, in tribute to the missing farmer. In addition to the recovery of the steers bullfight. It will be a fair full of figures with four bullfights, one bullfight with horses and the steers one;

· Sunday, March 4. Steers from Fernando Peña for Toñete, Sedano Vázquez and Ángel Téllez.
· Monday 5. Bullfight with horses. Bulls from Fermín Bohórquez for Andy Cartagena, Leonardo Hernández and Lea Vicens.
· Thursday 8. Bulls from Brothers García Jiménez, Olga Jiménez and Peña de Francia for Juan José Padilla, Juan Bautista and Miguel Ángel Perera.
· Friday 9. Bulls from Domingo Hernández and Garcigrande for El Juli, Manzanares and Talavante.
· Saturday 10. Bulls from Victorino Martín for El Fandi, Sebastián Castella and Varea.
· Sunday 11. Bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq for Enrique Ponce, Manzanares and Roca Rey.

A practical class on Wednesday 7 completes the Fair. Lucas Miñana, from the Bullfighting School of Beziers; Marcos Andreu, of the School of Bullfighting of Castellón; Manuel Diosleguarde, of the Taurine School of Salamanca; Jordi Pérez, from the Bullfighting School of Valencia; Jorge Martínez, from the Bullfighting School of Almería; Rafael León, from the Taurine School of Málaga and Jorge Rivera, from the Bullfighting School of Castellón, will face Fernando Peña steers.

Poster of Catellón Fair



Victorino returns to the Magdalena Fair

After four years away, the crowned A ones will meet again with the fans of Castellón

The company of the Castellón Bullring, Gestión Universal de Espectáculos S.L., has announced the return of Victorino Martín's fighting bull ranch to next Magdalena Fair, which will take place from March 4 to 11.

The bullfight will be a tribute to the deceased farmer, closely linked to this area. The company led by Manuel Martínez Erice and the Matilla brothers, have declared their intention to "round off a poster of the level that is worth the returning of one of the most beloved ranchers in this land."

Castellón Bullring

Photo by Castellón Tourism.