Great Week of San Sebastián 2018
jul 23, 2018

Great Week of San Sebastián 2018

Great Week of San Sebastián 2018

The city of San Sebastián will celebrate the Bullfighting Fair from August 11 to 15, during the 'Aste Nagusia' (Great Week)

Five bullfights conform this year's season ticket in the Bullring of Illumbe, a space that also celebrates its 20th anniversary this 2018. A mixed bullfight with horses will open the Fair on Saturday, August 11, Pablo and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, hand in hand with bulls and bulls from El Capea.

Four bullfights will occupy the following days:

Sunday 12; El Parralejo bulls for Curro Díaz, López Simón and Luis David.

Monday 13; bulls from Santiago Domecq for Antonio Ferrera, Sebastián Castella and Ginés Marín.

Tuesday 14; bulls from Victoriano del Río for Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Roca Rey.

Wednesday 15; Garcigrande and Domingo Hernández bulls for Padilla, El Juli and Manzanares.

The poster this year is the image of a gilda, as a culinary symbol of the city, forming the head of a bull.

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