The Picasso Corrida is presented at the Thyssen
ago 1, 2018

The Picasso Corrida is presented at the Thyssen

The Picasso Corrida is presented at the Thyssen

The Málaga museum has been the stage to show the poster and has had the presence of Sebastián Castella and Miguel Ángel Perera

Only missing Antonio Ferrera, who heads the special poster of the next August 14 in La Malagueta, and entered the presentation by telephone. The auditorium of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Málaga was filled yesterday with fans and media to get to know the poster of the traditional 'Corrida Picassiana'.

In the case of art and culture and the union of Picasso with bullfighting, without a doubt the scenario could not be more accurate. Along with the bullfighters Sebastián Castella and Miguel Ángel Perera, who expressed their enthusiasm for being part of such an important poster, were the main authorities of the city.

Presentation of 'Corrida Picassiana'

The bullfighters Sebastian Castella and Miguel Ángel Perera with some Málaga authorities and the porter of the bullfight dedicated to Picasso.



Enrique Ponce announces the Málaga Bullfighting Fair

The bullfighter has starred the Bullfighting Proclamation in which he was honored to 'Crisol', the show designed by himself that premiered last year in La Malagueta

Last night, in an open-air auditorium filled to the flag, Enrique Ponce gave the starting signal to the Bullfighting Fair of Málaga 2018 pronouncing his Proclamation. The show 'Crisol' was the axis and many of those who made it possible were accompanying the one from Chivas: the Málaga bullfighter Javier Conde, the soprano Alba Chantar or the artist Loren Pallatier, responsible for decorating the bullring with his work. José Carlos Escribano came from the management company.

The event was organized, as usual, by the Official Association of Surveyors and Technical Architects of Málaga and its maker, Juan Manuel Pozo. The Sub-delegate of the Government, María Gámez; the Mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre; the Delegate of the Junta de Andalucía, José Luis Ruiz Espejo; the Deputy of Culture, Víctor González, or the President of the Association of Quantity Surveyors, Leonor Muñoz, were some of the attendees.

Enrique Ponce reviewed the bullfighting tradition of the city, his connecting links and thanked the welcome of his creation: "Thank you, Málaga, for your understanding, for your sensitivity, for your way of understanding life, for having an open mind to accept new paths, for believing that art, first of all, to be art must be evolutionary matter ".

His speech, in addition, was a defense of bullfighting and defined it as "a way of life; a road to follow; secular culture and an art that, as such, is evolutionary ".

Proclamation of Málaga Bullfighting Fair

The bullfighters Enrique Ponce and Javier Conde with some authorities of Málaga city.



Toros del Mediterráneo presents Málaga Fair

It will take place from the 12th to the 19th of August and is composed of eight festivities: a steers-bullfight, one with horses and six bullfights

The big winners of the most important fairs of the season until the present moment presented at the Málaga Fair. Presentation of the company Toros del Mediterráneo, with José Luis Martín Lorca and José Carlos Escribano at the head, will be preceded by the XIII Bullfighting Schools International Contest 'La Malagueta'.

Málaga Bullfighting Fair