The steer-bullfights of promotion 2018 already have posters
sep 13, 2018

The steer-bullfights of promotion 2018 already have posters

The steer-bullfights of promotion 2018 already have posters

The Pagés Company has presented the 33rd edition of the steer-bullfights to promote new values of bullfighting to be held in the Maestranza of Sevilla on Thursdays from July 5 to 26

The cycle consists of four steer-bullfights of promotion, three of them are qualifying celebrations in which six young bullfighters will perform in each one, and a fourth, the final, with the three winners of the previous celebrations. There have been 41 young bullfighters from different provinces. The jury that will choose the finalists and the winner of the cycle is formed, as is already traditional, by the artistic advisors of Seville Bullring: Alfonso Ordóñez, Luis Arenas, Finito de Triana and Antonio Ramón Jiménez.

Night bullfighting in Sevilla

Posters of promotion steer-bullfights in Sevilla.



Sevilla starts: Resurrection Sunday

Traditional poster of figures on April 1 in La Maestranza to open the season in the capital of the Guadalquivir

Antonio Ferrera, José Mari Manzanares and Roca Rey will walk the inaugural 'paseíllo' of Resurrection Sunday in Seville. The bulls of Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés are the opponents of an afternoon that the 'No tickets' will be hung.

With this unmissable event will begin the season of La Maestranza, before getting full in its great April Fair.

Resurrection Sunday


Sevilla: 'Where mastery is born'

This is the name of this year's La Maestranza advertising campaign, which uses comics in an original spot that invites you to go to the bulls

The concept of mastery, something for which all the bullfighters who have passed and passed through the bullring of Seville aspire, is why Pagés Company has bet for its original advertising campaign of the 2018 season.

This work has been done by Frente a Texto Publicidad and Toromedia and can be seen on regional Andalusian television, local television, internet, specialized portals and social networks. Likewise, the image will take the streets of Seville on specific supports such as mupis, banners, kiosks, train and metro stations, airport, buses, etc.

The Sevillian season begins on April 1, Sunday of Resurrection, and the tickets for the April Fair are on sale.

2018 La Maestranza spot.



Sevilla presents its bullfighting season 2018

It will take place between April 1 and September 30 and is composed of 15 bullfights, a bullfight with horses and 7 steers bullfights with picadors

The Pagés Company has unveiled the posters of the April Fair and the Season ticket at a press conference held in the Hall of Posters of La Maestranza. The cycle consists of 23 celebrations and has the presence of all the figures as well as the main novelties.

As for the fighting bull ranches, highlights the debut of La Palmosilla with a bullfight. The breeders Hnos. García Jiménez and Juan Pedro Domecq - Parladé will fight two bullfights in the season ticket, one at the fair and another in San Miguel. Antonio López Gibaja and Dolores Rufino are new with their steers, debuting the first of them in this bullring.

Manzanares and Roca Rey star the season with four afternoons each; with three are Antonio Ferrera and Alejandro Talavante; two afternoons will go Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla, El Juli, Padilla, Manuel Escribano and Pepe Moral. Román will make his presentation and Alfonso Cadaval will take the alternative at the San Miguel Fair.

Sevilla 2018



Seville announces the fighting bull ranches for the April Fair 2018

The Company Pagés has taken advantage of the recent Christmas to announce the irons that will fight this year in La Maestranza between April 1, Resurrection Sunday, and April 22.

The novelty comes with 'La Palmosilla' that will debut with a bullfight. These are the thirteen fighting bull ranches:

     · Juan Pedro Domecq
     · Miura
     · Victorino
     · Victoriano del Río
     · Jandilla
     · Fermín Bohórquez
     · Torrestrella
     · Garcigrande
     · Núñez del Cuvillo
     · The pillar
     · Ymbro Font
     · The Palmosilla
     · Hnos. García Jiménez


Morante de la Puebla signed yesterday the contract to bullfight at Baratillo bullring next San Miguel Fair


He did it in the presence of his agent, Manolo Lozano, and the businessman of the bullring of Seville, Ramón Valencia. And, loyal to his genius and figure, the signing took place at the desk of Joselito El Gallo, property of the bullfighter.

It's the first contract signed by Morante de la Puebla for 2018; a new way since he entrusted his career to Lozano and from which we still do not know the date chosen for the return to the ring. For now, what is certain is that Seville will once again enjoy its art at the San Miguel Fair.

Morante signs the contract for San Miguel Fair.

Morante de La Puebla signs in the presence of Ramón Valencia (left) and Manolo Lozano.