La Maestranza will close the season with the October 12 Festival
sep 16, 2019

La Maestranza will close the season with the October 12 Festival

La Maestranza will close the season with the October 12 Festival

The brotherhoods of Baratillo and Esperanza de Triana and the Pagés Company have presented a luxury poster for the traditional charity celebration

On October 12, the 2019 season will end at the Real Maestranza in Seville with a mixed festival that will open the horse-bullfighter Diego Ventura and will act alongside the bullfighters Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, Cayetano, Pablo Aguado and the young bullfighter Jaime González Écija. They will face cattle from different fighting-bull ranches to announce.

The festival is organized by the Pagés Company with the Brotherhood of Baratillo and that of the Esperanza de Triana, whose social works are intended for benefits. An appointment that consolidates and becomes essential to end the season.

October Seville Bullfighting



The names of San Miguel first bullfight

La Maestranza has announced the three young bullfighters who will make the walk on Friday, September 28

The steer-bullfight that will open the Fair of San Miguel 2019, with the iron of Villamarta, will be killed by three of the winners of the season: Rafael González, Calerito and Antonio Grande.

Rafael González cut two ears on June 27, in front of José Cruz's steers, leaving on shoulders the Maestranza bullring. Calerito on the other hand, gave a round to the ring with that of Fuente Ymbro, on June 20; and Antonio Grande cut off an ear and walked a round to the ring on May 26 with the iron ones from Espartaco.

Sevilla Bullfighting

Rafael González, Calerito and Antonio Grande at Las Ventas.


Seville's Bullring company s is committed to the promotion and diffusion of Bullfighting

Once again, the company in Seville has prepared a varied program of activities parallel to the bullfighting season

Empresa Pagés, responsible for the Maestranza Bullring, continues to bet and support all areas of Bullfighting. Within this year's program, we can highlight the visits to two of the fighting-bull ranches that will fight this season in the city of Seville. The first on April 6 to La Palmosilla, located in the municipality of Tarifa; and on April 13 to the Sevillian Soto de la Fuente. There will be about 60 people, selected by lot, with preference for the subscribers of the season.

Schoolchildren can enjoy a bullfighting workshop in the bullring of the Maestranza on April 25, and can register schools throughout the province of Seville.

For both activities, interested people can register here:

April 26 will be the Open Door Day with the team of the bullfighter Eduardo Dávila Miura and where, anyone who wishes, can learn the basic principles of bullfighting.

Bulls for Seville