'Come to the bulls, for art's sake'
jun 19, 2019

'Come to the bulls, for art's sake'

'Come to the bulls, for art's sake'

It is the call of the Bullfighting Fair of San Pedro in Zamora to be held on June 29 and 30

Circuitos Taurinos has prepared, one more year, two luxury posters for the San Pedro festivities of the Castilian city. They will take place on the last weekend of June and will feature top figures, both on foot and on horseback, as well as first level fighting-bull ranches.

  • · Saturday, June 29; Daniel Ruiz bulls for the bullfighters Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and José María Manzanares.
  • · Sunday 30; bulls from Romao Tenório for the horse-bullfighters Sergio Galán, Diego Ventura and Joao Telles.

The popular celebrations will also be present with the III Championship of cuts, breaks and jumps of Castile and Leon on Sunday 23, out of season ticket.

Zamora Bullfighting