Last 'Puerta Grande' of the season
oct 15, 2018

Last 'Puerta Grande' of the season

Last 'Puerta Grande' of the season

'La Misericordia' yesterday put the to the Fair of El Pilar with Juan José Padilla on shoulders in his farewell to the bullrings

The poster of 'No tickets' has been hanging (for weeks) for the tenth and final celebration of the Fair of Pilar de Zaragoza: bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo for Padilla, José María Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante. Silenced in his first, Padilla cut both ears to the second of his lot and opened the Great Gate of La Misericordia on the afternoon of his farewell. His last 'paseíllo' (walk) could not have a better ending.

Manzanares cut an ear to each one of his lot and one of his subordinates, Jesus Miguel González 'Suso', was caught in the third of the afternoon, being transferred to the clinic with a goring of three trajectories.

Alejandro Talavante cut an ear in his first and greeted an ovation in the second. The surprise came after the celebration, when he announced his retirement indefinitely from the bullrings.

The farewell of Padilla

Photography from La Misericordia bullring.


Popular Celebrations: the other great Fair of 'La Misercordia'

The traditional festivities with buls will once again fill the Zaragoza ring every day of 'Pilares'

Cuts, cutouts, bulls with fires balls, 'roscaderos', uncaged, rings...and eight mornings of heifers. The best crews, the best trimmers and the most pointer and exciting livestock..

Hermanos Ozcoz, Ustarroz, Arriazu, Pedraza de Yeltes or Adelaida Rodríguez; they are just some of the fighting-bull ranches that will play the popular festivities of the 'Feria del Pilar'. A total of 15 appointments that make up one of the standards of the Zaragoza festivities and enjoy a long tradition and hobby.

Popular celebrations in Zaragoza



The last great Fair

'La Misericordia' bullring prepares for the record of festivities that will close the bullfighting season

The adjudication of Zaragoza bullring has been one of the hot topics throughout this season. After various controversies, litigation and resources, which prevented holding the Fair of 'San Jorge' in April, the UTE composed of Taurojea and Cicuitos Taurinos was awarded and, fortunately, everything was solved with time to organize a great Fair.

In addition, on September 29 and 30, two festivities will be held to compensate for the loss of San Jorge: a steers-bullfight and a bullfight contest.

The Fair of 'El Pilar' is, in addition, the last great appointment of the bullfighting calendar and with which, practically, the season closes, therefore an important date for bullfighters and livestocks. Again figures, young emerging and quarry meet in the series of bullfights. Two steer-bullfights, seven bullfights and another one with horses.

This year two farewells mark the Fair: that of Juan José Padilla and that of Juan Bautista, it will be the last opportunity to see them in the Spanish arena.

Zaragoza Bullfighting