Seville has a special color!
abr 1, 2015

Seville has a special color!

We can now appreciate the fervor aroused Holy Week in the Seville streets.
During this time in Seville, feelings of joy and sorrow, songs and silences bind to the beat of drums and where the bearers shouting "To heaven with her! " or "Let brave!" teach, among other images, “El Cristo del Cachorro” (the Christ of Cachorro), “La Virgen de la Macarena” (the Virgin Macarena) or the Esperanza de Triana.

A week full of emotion , from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday , which take to the streets dozens of brotherhoods , causing great excitement among residents and foreign. While all this happens, the Andalusian bullfighting season gearing up, waiting with bated breath on Easter Sunday, April 5, big day indicated in the bullfighting calendar.

The Seville bullring is prepared in their finery to host a barrage of unique celebrations within known Seville Feria de Abril. This 2015 gives us the opportunity to see in the ring to great masters such as El Fandi, Padilla, Fandiño, Manzanares, Ponce, Ventura, El Cid, Hermoso de Mendoza, etc.

What better way to accompany these emotional celebrations, which enjoy a unique bullfighting, with great teachers in the ring and in a unique setting as the Plaza de la Real Maestranza! Servitoro offers the opportunity to buy tickets for all festivities of the fair in

On the other hand, you can now make your reservation early for the upcoming fairs of Andalusia: Jerez “Feria del Caballo” (Horse Fair), Cordoba "Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud” (Our Fair Lady of Health) and Granada "Feria del Corpus” (Corpus), being able to book between these festivities from our website at waiting with bated breath for the teacher José Tomás copes in Córdoba.

Do not let them tell you! Andalucía is unique! If you come to know it, you'll understand why.