The Full Bullfight is back in Illescas
sep 11, 2017

The Full Bullfight is back in Illescas

Emilio de Justo, Pepe Moral and Martin Escudero will bulfight 'Victorinos' next October 7

The company Eventos Macondo Universal S.L. presented in the house of the Culture of Illescas the official poster of the second edition of the "Full Bullfight" (ticket booking).
The event, presented and moderated by José María Puertas, was attended by the Mayor of Illescas, José Manuel Tofiño, who highlighted the importance and the repercussion of the celebration of the "Full Bullfight" in his bullring. In addition, Tofiño was grateful and proud that Illescas has become a benchmark in the bullfighting circuit, both at the beginning of the season with the "Spring Bullfight" and at the end with the "Full Bullfight".


The rancher Victorino Martín, the bullfighters, Pepe Moral and Martín Escudero and the company representatives, Carlos de la Rosa and Daniel Herrero, followed a lively discussion by analyzing and crumbling all the details and particularities of the bullfight.

Victorino Martín indicated the importance of scheduling such shows, where the viewer can enjoy the excitement of three thirds and you can see complete bullfights since the bull jumps into the ring. In turn, the bullfighters, aware of the repercussion and importance of the "Full Bullfight" last year, showed their enthusiasm and responsibility before a meeting so important for them.

At the end of the gathering took place to a musical performance, which was followed by a cocktail that could taste the attendees to the act.

Full Bullfight