Tradition and passion, linked by hands!
mar 12, 2015

Tradition and passion, linked by hands!

Easter is approaching and what better way to have a great time, attending various festivities bullfighting and organized popular during this period.

The most prominent and have at your disposal on our website, celebrations are:

On Sunday March 29, in Toledo, headed by Álvaro Lorenzo, Toledo bullfighter.

On Saturday April 4 in Malaga, two masters: Morante de la Puebla and Alejandro Talavante.

On Sunday April 5 ,“Easter Sunday " in the bullring in Sevilla Real Maestranza , José María Manzanares, Espartaco and Borja Jimenez Avecilla.

Sunday 5 April in Madrid, "Las Ventas" preceded by Victor Barrio, Eugenio de Mora and Joseph Moral Fernández "Pepe Moral.

Easter is a designated date that many visitors from different parts of the world have their time to enjoy the weather, own celebrations held during those dates and of course, the bulls!

Do not miss the opportunity to attend these great bullfights much excitement aroused in the Spanish and visitors from all over the world.