Vocabulary and bullfighting together since centuries!
jun 30, 2015

Vocabulary and bullfighting together since centuries!

In each of the activities that are part of our daily lives, there is a specific term to refer to when we talk about a particular area. We not necessarily have to be experts in a professional field, to use words that for centuries have been immersed in the everyday speech of citizens.

Some of the own expressions of bullfighting have been present for years in our society, taking different meanings according to a lived experience.

Who has not heard on occasion the famous phrase "Tie well your males" to refer to what someone has to prepare against a difficulty or "Take the bull by the horns to express that we face adversity with courage and determination.

Making a small collection, include numerous expressions of taurine content as: "To be for driving" act of taking the bull arena to the slaughterhouse, we usually use it to when we feel physically tired, no strength to continue, "Do not make that task" to refer to an act harmful to the other person, "To me no one fights me" when we wish to express strongly that we can not be disrespecting or the famous phrase " View from the sidelines" to review or advise someone without intruding on the issue.

Along with many more sentences, laden with taurine content and impregnated centuries in our society, the man has incorporated in their vocabulary common although some unaware of its original meaning .