Juan Pedro García Vizcaíno 'Calerito', steer bullfighter with picadors born in 1999 in Sevilla. When he was 6 years old he entered the Taurine School of Espartinas and with 7 he fought his first calf.


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Bullfighter Calerito

Juan Pedro García Vizcaíno

Birth: in Seville in 1999.

Debut with picadors: on August 12, 2017 in Azuaga (Badajoz) with Luis Manuel Terrón and David Bolsico with steers from Martín Lorca.

In 2016 closes a very important season without horses: winner of the XXII Cycle of Steer Bullfights of the Andalusian Association of Taurine Schools "Pedro Romero" and winner of the Fourth Contest of Novilladas of the Diputación de Badajoz.

He is a student of the Taurine School of Sevilla.