Ley de Cookies

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web site, among other things, store and retrieve information about your computer or a user browsing habits and depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, they can be used to recognize the user. This recovered information should always respect the privacy of the user, so they wanted to reform the regulation of the law of Privacy, creating a new community and national regulation to safeguard the interests of natural persons or legal entities that use a service of the information society. 

At Servitoro.com, we use the following cookies:

  • Cookies __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz: they are the cookies that uses the Google Analytics service. The use of cookies allows us to look at from where a visitor, the time that remains in our website, the pages you visit, etc. It is a tracking cookie. You can get more information about the use google makes the cookies by clicking here.
  • FAPS, PREF, FAPS, NID: google services and google accounts.

  • __lglaw: cookie control client is installed once accept the use of cookies (when starts to browse the web) and it serves for don't show one more time the notice to customers that have agreed to the use of the same (1 year duration).

  • servitoro_aff: cookie control for the management of the affiliate's servitoro.com system. Only saves the ID of the affiliate website from where comes the visit.

 How to change the settings for cookies according to your browser:

  • Enable and disable cookies that websites use to track your preferences


  • Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome


  • Manage cookies in Windows


  • Enable and disable cookies that websites use