For the Promoter (of bullfighting events):

Servitoro is the best system, distribution network , service and tools for ticket sales reach an audience as wide as possible and achieving greater awareness , advertising and online promotion for each of the festivities.


If you are organizing a bullfighting event Servitoro only gives you these advantages:


₋Security: virtual platform with the most powerful and safe technology market.

- Maximum publicity and dissemination of the holidays without cost by the businessman:

      * Maximum positioning in all types of search engines worldwide.

      * Easy access to foreign audiences.

      * Including posters in associated and affiliated websites Servitoro.

      * Maximum range click.

      * Sale and promotion of different posters, regardless of its importance.

      * New customers through agreements with various partner companies.

- Long opening hours 24 hours 7 days a week to make reservations online.

- Innovative service that reaches all types of terminals and devices.

- Service delivery by courier.


All this at no cost to the businessman.


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