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    The first major fairs of the season are located in the Spanish Levant. Castellón celebrates its main festivities, the Magdalena ones, the third weekend of Lent and for nine days. Due to weather, this fair will be held in June.

    They are a founding festivities that commemorate the current settlement of the city of Castellón, when in the thirteenth century its inhabitants moved from the mountain of the Magdalena to the Mediterranean coast. They are declared of International Tourist Interest since 2010.

    They begin with the ‘Cavalcada del Pregó’ and live their most important act is the ‘Romería de les Canyes, when the Castellón residents go in procession to the hermitage of Santa María Magdalena, located in the mountain of the primitive city. The floral offering to the ‘Virgen del Lledó’, fireworks, ‘mascletás’ (firecracker strips), popular dinners or verbenas are an essential part.

    And when are there bulls in Castellón? Well, during the Magdalena Fair.

    When is the Magdalena Fair?

    It is the great bullfighting event of Castellón and is celebrated in the month of March. It starts the third Sunday of Lent with the classic bullfight of Adolfo Martín and runs until the following Sunday.

    In addition, the management company, ‘Funciones Taurinas’, maintains its commitment to the quarry and celebrates two steer-bullfights with students from bullfighting schools throughout Spain.

    Fair of the Magadalena of Castellón 2025

    The Bullfighting Fair of Castellón 2024 is held in March and its posters consist of a total of eight shows that include bullfights, horse-bullfight and steer-bullfights.

    Programming bullfights in the Bullring of Castellón 2025

    • Magdalena Fair: March.

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