Corporate partners     

Collaborating companies:

The aim of Servitoro is promote national holiday and tourism by publicizing the Spanish customs and culture. 
To achieve this, we need your help. Join the network of associates and benefit Servitoro with all its advantages.

Who would be interested?

At any person / company that has a website, portal or blog and / or its activity is oriented to the national and international tourism promotion.

Types of collaborations

  • Banner or link exchange: Put on your website a banner or link that directs your visitors to Servitoro and for each customer you send us and complete your purchase, Servitoro will pay you a percentage.
  • Prices "anti-crisis " for groups: organize your trips and events including one bullfights.
  • Travel packages: Accommodation + tickets . Servitoro will help you prepare the perfect weekend at the lowest price.
  • Attractive packages: It includes tickets + product. Promote the product of your company making a gift package or promotional package.


  • Earn money easily and effortlessly.
  • Extends the contents of your website incorporating taurine information.
  • Increases visitor traffic and maximizes click.
  • Promotes and advertises your services and / or products with the technology platform Servitoro.
  • Get tickets at prices "anti-crisis " for your clients or friends.   Las Cosas del toro   El Muletazo   Fiestas España   La tierra del toro   Mundillo Taurino   Nos Vemos   Novilladas Sin   Touro e ouro   toros de lidia informacion taurina   Me gusta ver toros online   Entradas para espectáculos   arte y emoción festejos populares   Informacion Feria Hogueras   Mundillo taurino

For any questions or inquiries you can contact us at 963308593, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m or by