What is Bullfight?

The Lidia 's bull is an art , a beautiful ritual that has its own language , full of nuances and variables to know them allows us to appreciate this ancient spectacle. Servitoro want to help you understand related bulls with this graphic and entertaining presentation , which gives you all the information necessary for you to enter the square through the front door all the terms. The stage, the actors and the work.

  1. The bullfight
  2. The Bullring
  3. The Scene. Different locations in a bullring
  4. The Scene The Timing of the corrida
  5. The Actors. El paseíllo (The Parade)
  6. The actors. El torero or matador (Bullfighter)
  7. The actors. Los subalternos (Secondary Bullfighters), La cuadrilla, Mozo de espadas
  8. The actors. The picador
  9. The actors. Mulillas (Dragging Mules)
  10. The Actors. Alguacilillos (The Sheriffs)
  11. The actors. The President
  12. The actors. The Bullfighting Bull
  13. La faena (The Work) La suerte de capote (The Cape Stage)
  14. La faena (The Work) Tercio de varas (Stage of Pikes)
  15. La faena (The Work) Tercio de banderillas (Little Harpoons Stage)
  16. The faena (The Work) La suerte de muleta (The Final Stage)
  17. La faena (The Work) Tercio de muerte (Death Stage)