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Miguel Abellán

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Bullfighter Miguel Abellán

Date of Birth: On September 24, 1979 in Madrid.

Public debut:

Debut of lights:

Debut with picadors: On February 2, 1997 in Vinaroz (Castellón) on a poster completed by Francisco Barroso and Alberto Ramirez steers Guadalest.

Debut in Las Ventas: The September 28, 1997 I acartelado with Jose Antonio Iniesta with bullocks Joaquin Buendia.

Alternative: On June 24, 1998 in Alicante. It was the godfather Jose Maria Manzanares and the witness Enrique Ponce, with the bull "Guitar" Alcurrucén, cutting an ear to its second.

Student at the School of Bullfighting of Madrid. In 1997 he won the famous "Golden Shoe" of Arnedo heifers.

In Las Ventas he has come through the front door on May 26, 1998 and June 2, 2000.

In the 1998 season goaded in Spain 38 runs. In 1999 he fought goaded 72. 2000 75. 2001 61. 2002 goaded goaded goaded 47. 2003 46. 2004 52. 2005 goaded goaded goaded 31. 2006 33. In 2007 he fought 40.

His parents: Choperas; J.L. Brand; M. Alvarez Canorea; R. Corbelle.

His father, the bullfighter "The Golden valise" amputated one leg of a bull gored.