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Bullfight Adelaida Rodríguez – Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Adelaida Rodríguez.

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Bulls Adelaida Rodríguez

Owner: Doña Adelaida Rodriguez.

Representative: Doña Adelaida Rodriguez.

Currency: Celeste and pink.

Signal: Cleft both.

Villa: Zarzosillo, El Cabaco (Salamanca).


This livestock entered Cattle Farming Association of Lydia by buying Don Benjamin Vicente Gallego, who had formed their livestock with cows and sires of Lisardo Don Sanchez.
In 1948 Lisardo Atanasio Fernández Sánchez bought more than 280 cattle among females, males of different ages and two stallions. Between
1955 and 1957 acquired Fermin Bohorquez and Antonio Urquijo games murubeñas cattle trails that led separately.
Lisardo bull has traditionally differentiated from Athanasius to have more developed antlers, recalling the origin Conde de la Corte livestock Athanasius, and be lower.
Atanasio Fernández - Lisardo Sanchez.
It has not yet taken antiquity.
Last year it dealt seven celebrations, including Salamanca, Arles or Vic Fezensac. He Dealt 39 cattle among bulls, heifers and bulls horseback. A bull, wrestled for "Paulita" in Medina de Pomar, was awarded around the ring in drag. It is his first appearance in Las Ventas.