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Ángel Jiménez

Angel Jiménez. The first contact that Angel had with a calf was in his hometown when he was only 8 years old. Student of the Municipal School of Bullfighting in Écija.

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Bullfighter Ángel Jiménez

Date of Birth: He was born in Ecija on October 17th, 1992.

Debuted in public:

Light debuted: In Ecija on August 25th, 2006, cutting the two ears of a calf from the herd Juan Muriel.

Debuted with picks: On January 23th, 2011 in Ricote (Murcia), dealing a bullfight Guadalmena.

Debuted at Las Ventas:


The first contact he has with a calf was in his hometown, on November 12th, 2000, was just with 8 years old. He was sensational in front of the "añojita". Despite his young age, he made a good impression among fans, looked very good manners.

Student at the Municipal School of Bullfighting Ecija on September, 2009.

In  2009 season, and with 16 years legal age to tackle other series of events, presented in the XV Cycle of Andalusia in the category of yearlings. Winner in the same year in Sevilla.