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Bullfighter Palomo Linares Danko

Born: Madrid, November 22, 1977. Son of matador Sebastian Palomo Linares and Miguel Palomo Danko's brother. He graduated in Economics and Law.

He debuted with horses: the April 8, 2006 in Brihuega. With Julio Benitez and Cayetano Rivera Ordonez. Cattle in El Torreon.

Take turns:  in Pontevedra afternoon August 4, 2007. Sponsor: Cesar Rincon. Witness: Joseph Thomas Toro El Torreon. Around the ring on his doctorate.

Confirms the alternative: in Nimes the September 16, 2007. Accompanied by César Rincón and Javier Conde and Juan Pedro Domecq bulls.

Attorney: Paul Lozano. In March 2008, is his manager Victor Mendes. From March 2009 Maximino Perez.