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  • Bulls Aracena

    The province of Huelva is the sixth in number of towns with a bullring in our country; only behind Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Córdoba and Cádiz. It can also boast of having the oldest bullring in Spain, Campofrío dating from 1716 (and eternal struggle for antiquity with the 'Ancianita' of Béjar, Salamanca). Huelva is also a land of bullfighters, such as the Litri's or the Chamaco's, and brave dehesa, where some of the most important irons of the Spanish fighting-bull race graze.

    The 'Feria Grande' of Aracena is celebrated the third week of August. It takes place in its fairground, full of booths, attractions, bars, musical performances...and enlivened by the parades of its Municipal Band of music every morning. Of course there is no lack of bullfighting in its programming.

    Aracena Bullfighting Fair, Huelva

    Towards the end of August a bullfight is celebrated on the occasion of the local Big Fair.

    There is also a charity festival held at the beginning of the season.

    Useful info of Aracena

    • How to get from Huelva to Aracena: Aracena is located 100 km from Huelva (1h 27 minutes by car). Driving Direction. 
    • Address Aracena Bullring: C/ Julianita 1, 21200 - Aracena, Huelva.
    • Category: third.

    History of the Bullfighting Fair of Aracena

    A mixed bullfight with bulls from Luis Albarrán for the horse-bullfighter Andy Cartagena and Torrehandilla bulls for the bullfighters El Cid and El Fandi, on a triumphant afternoon with the three of them on shoulders.

    We regret to inform you that, currently, Servitoro does not have tickets for this show, but we recommend other bullfighting experiences a few kilometers from Aracena.

    If you need more information you can contact us by email or calling 0034 963308593 (Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00am - 8.00pm).

    Servitoro, bullfighting news of Aracena Bullring, Huelva.

  • Bulls Huelva

    Huelva Bullfighting

    In the first week of August, Huelva celebrates one of the most important fairs of the Andalusian season: Las Colombinas. They are a tribute to Christopher Columbus, who set sail from Palos de la Frontera with the three caravels of the Discovery of America on 3 August 1492, the big day of the festivities.

    They are declared to be of Tourist Interest in Andalusia and during the six days that they last the city is filled with joy, with activities centred mainly in the Real de la Feria. In addition to the stalls, music and gastronomy, sport plays an important role, with various competitions, mainly in the sea, the main protagonist.

    Huelva Bullfighting Fair

    It is held during the first week of August, during the Fiestas Colombinas and usually consists of four bullfights, one of which is a bullfighting event.

    This year's Feria de Colombinas will consist of three events: two bullfights and one bullfighting event, and will be held on 31 July, 1 and 3 August.

    Information about Huelva bullring

    • Address Plaza de Toros de La Merced: Av. Cristobal Colón, 2, 21002 Huelva.

    • Category: second.

    History of the Huelva Bullfighting Festival

    In 2018 the fair was triumphant, with Morante de la Puebla, David de Miranda and Roca Rey on the shoulders; in addition to the pardon of Perera to 'Sereno' of Torrealta and the success also of the Huelva rejoneador Andrés Romero who cut two ears in the last bullfight.

    If you need more information you can contact us by email or by calling 963308593 (Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-20:00).

    Servitoro, bullfighting news from the Huelva bullring.

  • Bulls Niebla

    The bullfight that has been scheduled in the town of Niebla, in the province of Huelva, will be one of the bullfighting events that will put the finishing touch to the 2021 Season.

    The event will consist of a bullfight, with Buenavista cattle and the performance of the bullfighters Manuel Escribano, López Simón and David Galván.
    You can buy your tickets in advance from Servitoro and they will be delivered at the box office of the bullring before the event, you must present identification (ID or passport) and order number.

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