Muñoz Ríos

Jesús Muñoz Ríos is a young bullfighter without horses from Seville, from Cantillana specifically. He began in the Bullfighting School of Camas with his twin brother Antonio Muñoz.

* Photographs of his social networks and provided by himself.

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Bullfighter Muñoz Ríos

Jesús Muñoz Ríos

Birth Day: November 13, 1994 in Seville and is considered from Cantillana.

Public debut: in September of 2011 in a steer-bullfight of the Fair of Camas; he cut an ear.

Debut of lights: on June 16, 2012 in Cantillana with his twin brother Antonio Muñoz and with the bullfighters Julio Pedro Saavedra and Alejandro Enríquez. He cut two ears to the cattle of Manuel Ángel Millares.

His liking for bullfighting was born watching a bullfight in his town, Cantillana, and with 15 years decided to sign up for the Bullfighting School of Camas. He was a semifinalist of the 'Bolsín Taurino' (contest for young bullfighters) of Ciudad Rodrigo in 2015.

Bullfighter committed to the public, considers it is essential to express in front of the animal to thrill the people.

Currently studying Marketing, is a big fan of sports, especially triathlon.