Borja Alvarez

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Bullfighter Borja Álvarez

Date of birth: On March 23th, 1992 in Alicante (Valencia).

Debuted in public: On July 18th, 2009.

Debuted lights:

Debuted with picks: On June 23th, 2012 in Alicante poster with Jesus Leon and Daniel Palencia Martelilla steers.

Debuted at Las Ventas: On April 6th, 2014 in poster with Vicente Soler and David Gonzalez steers Los Chospes.


He received the award given by the bullfighting club the best Novillero Alicante 2012.

The Taurino Club awarded the trophy alicante Carratala Angel C. Borja Alvarez for his outstanding acruacion on the afternoon on August 7th, 2016 in which short an ear of each bull.