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Aristrain de la Cruz

Bullfight Aristrain de la Cruz – Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from Aristrain de la Cruz.

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Bulls Aristrain de la Cruz.

Owner: D. Jesús Baquerizo Gallardo

Currency: Blue and gold


Farms: 'Casa Corchá' y 'Casa Toril' 41888 EL GARROBO (Sevilla)

Señal:  Hoja de higuera en la derecha y muesca en la izquierda

History: They were formed in 1926 by the heirs of Don Domingo Herranz with cattle from Ubago Garrido, cows from Veragua and stallions from Tamarón. In 1935 Felix Herranz Juste was taken over by the cattle ranch, which added cattle from Don Celso Pellón and sold it in 1946 to Don Saturnino Ángel Ligero, who raised it with cattle from the Escudero Calvo brothers from Albaserrada. In 1950 it was acquired by Carlos Melgarejo Osborne, who sold it in 1956 to Don Rodrigo Montero de Espinosa, who acquired it in 1963, Don Eloy Jiménez Velázquez, who announced it "Jiménez Prieto", varying the iron. In 1976 are added cows and stallions of Benítez Cubero. In 1968 acquired a lot of cows of the widow of "Diego Garrido" and another one of gift Jose Benítez Cubero. In 1990 it was acquired by Mrs. María Palma Polonio, who varies iron, eliminating all of the above in 1996 and forming the cattle ranch with cows and stallions of "Aguadulce". In 2003 it was renamed Hros. Of D. José Aristrain de la Cruz, varying the iron.