Jorge Martínez

Jorge Martínez, born in Murcia, student of the Bullfighting School of Almería. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter from Murcia Jorge Martínez.


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Bullfighter Jorge Martínez

Date of Birth: on April 18th, 2000, in Totana, Murcia, Spain.

Debut with picks: en agosto de 2019 en Pegalajar (Jaén). 

Triunpahnt bullfighter of the Almeria Fair 2022 after a spectacular performance by cutting 2 ears to a bull of Guadaira, where he fought alongside the also bullfighters Víctor Hernández and Álvaro Alarcón.

He cut 2 ears in the novillada show held in Murcia on September 11, 2022, getting out the "Puerta Grande" of the bullring of Murcia, in a poster where bulls were fought Núñez de Tarifa, and where he was accompanied by the also bullfighters Fran Ferrer and Parrita.