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Juan Antonio Ruiz Román

Bulls of Juan Antonio Ruiz Román. All the information about cattle firms, owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bullfighting events with the  bulls of Juan Antonio Ruiz Román.

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Bulls Juan Antonio Ruiz Román

Owner: Espartaco S.L.

Badge: green and gold.

Acronym: UIF.

Ear signal: notch on the left and torn on the right.

Cattle farm: 'Majavieja' y 'Cerroporras' 41450 Constantina (Sevilla).

History: In 1948, Mr. Baldomero Sánchez y Sánchez acquired from Mrs. Emilia García-Aleas the lot that corresponded to him, with iron and currency, acquiring from Mr. Carlos Núñez a batch of cows and a stallion. In 1955 it was announced on behalf of his heirs, who in 1956 sold it to Mr. José Luis Hidalgo Rincón, who changed the iron. In 1965 it was sold to Mr. Manuel Navarro Sabido, who in 1974 sold it to Mrs. Blanca Belmonte, passing in 1980 to Mr. José Luis Martín Berrocal and in 1981 to Mrs. Pilar Pallarés García, who increased it with three lots of cattle, one of Martín Berrocal, Iron Marqués de Domecq; another one from Mr. Ramón Sánchez Recio, and another from Mr. Ramón Sánchez Rodríguez. In 1984 it was sold to Messrs. Cañaveral Valdés, who announced "Guadaira", and that same year to Hermanos Núñez, who sold it in 1985 to Mr. Juan Jiménez Alarcón, who sold it in 1987 to Spartaco, S.A. that the iron varies by the current one. After an exhaustive selection, he discards a large part of the livestock and buys cows and stallions from "Torrestrella". In 1993 he acquired an important lot of females, males and stallions from the cattle ranch of "Los Guateles", composing most of the blood of the cattle with this blood.