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José Luis Iniesta

Livestock of origin Juan Pedro Domecq and Díez, the cattle ranch of Badajoz was acquired by José Luis Iniesta in the year 2000.

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Bulls José Luis Iniesta

Owner: Agroganadera Sierra de Alor, S.A.

Badge: blue and white.

Acronym: UGK.

Ear signal: 'orejisana' in both.

Cattle farm: 'Los Espartales' Ctra. Valverde de Leganés - Táliga, Km. 7 dcha. 06130 VALVERDE DE LEGANÉS (Badajoz).
                     'Montes de Calderón' Ctra. Valverde de Leganés - Táliga, Km. 3,5 06130 VALVERDE DE LEGANÉS (Badajoz).

History: on 1938 Don José Enrique Calderón acquires Mr. Salvador Domecq Díez the lot corresponding to the correspondence of his father Mr. Juan Pedro Domecq and Núñez de Villavicencio, his functions are those of Veragua, Mora Figueroa and Count of the Court. On 1946 he named a name of his heirs, and in 1949 he divided, corresponded to a lot with the iron and the currency, to his son Alfonso Calderón Alcalde, which was sold in 1955 to Ms. Raimunda Moreno de Guerra. On 1960 a name of his heirs is announced. On 1964 it was sold to José Flores González and sons, who announced "Monte de San Miguel", and from 1967, a name of Flores Cubero Hermanos. In 1973 it was sold to Ms. María Coronel and Mr. Marcos Núñez, and it is said that it sold in 1974 to Mr. Manuel and Mr. Carlos Veiga, from Portugal. On 1975 it was acquired again by Mr. Núñez Moreno de Guerra, who sold it on 1987 to Francisco Ojeda González, who acquired the cows and stallions of Mr. José Luis Marca Rodrigo, originating from Mr. Juan Pedro Domecq, eliminating all of the above. In 2000, it was acquired by Mr. José Luis Iniesta, who named Agroganadera Sierra de Alor, S.A., changing the design of the iron for the current one.

Origin: Juan Pedro Domecq and Díez.