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Christian Parejo

Christian Parejo, student of Bullfighting School Francisco Montes Paquiro. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter Christian Parejo.


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Bullfighter Christian Parejo

Christian Parejo, born in Chiclana but residing in France where he is preparing for his season, arrives at the circuit as the best novillero in the southeast of France, awarded by the Union of Bullfighting Clubs of France. The Cadiz-born bullfighter affirms that 'the French public was the one who welcomed me and I only have positive words for them'. He made his debut with picadors on 12 June 2021 within the Andalusian Novillada Circuit, this performance made him a semi-finalist but he could not make the paseíllo due to a fibula injury and recalls that 'last year I really wanted to continue in the circuit but the bull is like that'.