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Bulls of Casasola. All the information about cattle firms, owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bullfighting events with the  bulls of Casasola.

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Bulls Casasola

Owner: Antonio Martín Tabernero.

Ear signal: cleft on both.

Cattle farm: 'Casasola de la Encomienda", Garcirrey (Salamanca).

History: Mr. Ángel Martín Ballesteros joined the Association in 1952 with cattle from Arribas and Espioja. In 1982 the livestock corresponding to a lot with iron and original coins was divided to Mr. Antonio Martín Tabernero. In 1987 he buys a lot of cows and stallions from José Matías Bernardo from Coquilla, eliminating all of the above. In 2004, the cows of Coquilla origin go to the iron "La Interrogación" owned by Mr. Antonio Martín Tabernero.