Diego Bastos

Diego Bastos, bullfighter from Seville. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter Diego Bastos.

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Bullfighter Diego Bastos

Date of Birth: in Seville.

Winner of the XVIII Ciclo de Clases Prácticas de Andalucía.

In his stage as a novillero without horses he was the winner of the Andalusian Novilladas Cycle in 2021.

On August 28, 2021 he cut two ears and tail to a bull of El Torero in the bullring of Villacarrillo, Jaén.

On March 27th in Morón de la Frontera where he cut a total of three ears with a batch of Albarreal and Torrehandilla.

In 2020 he participated in 16 festejos and became the winner of the Ciclo de Novilladas de las Escuelas Andaluzas.

On 1 December 2022, Diego Bastos announces that he will be managed for the 2023 season by the bullfighter Óscar Fernández, who has extensive experience in managing the careers of new bullfighting talents. Óscar Fernández, is a person linked to the company Chipé Producciones, and as he has stated:

"Diego Bastos is a very young novillero and has very good qualities, as we could already see in the festival last October 12 in Seville, where he cut an ear".
Diego tells us that in the bullring 'I'm going to do pure bullfighting with that pinch and sevillanía that I try to have and they won't get bored because they will get that transmission'.

Don't miss the performances of the bullfighter Diego Bastos, a promising young bullfighter.