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Samuel Navalón

Samuel Navalón, student of the Bullfighting School of Albacete. Book your tickets to watch the next bullfights of your favorite bullfighter Samuel Navalón.

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Bullfighter Samuel Navalón

Training: Bullfighting School of Alicante.

Date of birth: young man from Ayora (Valencia) who was born on October 5th, 2004, with both Levantine and La Mancha roots.
Training: Bullfighting School of Albacete.

Debut in public: in 2021 in Montealegre del Castillo in a bullfight.

Alternative: he made his debut dressed in lights in 2021 in Montealegre del Castillo in a bullfight without horses with 16 years old, cutting the tail to the two young bulls of Casa Nueva, an excellent bullfight.

Samuel Navalón managed to proclaim himself the winner of the Bolsín of Ciudad Rodrigo, was a finalist of the Silver Shoe of Arnedo (to be held on March 18 in its XX edition) and, finally, emerged as the undisputed winner of the contest produced between Plaza 1, the Toro de Lidia Foundation and the Community of Madrid in February 2023.

Samuel Navalón: Biography, best moments in his professional career and curiosities.

Samuel Navalón, a young bullfighter without horses, has managed to stand out in the bullfighting world despite his short career in the bullrings. Born in Ayora, Valencia in 2004, his roots extend both through the Levantine region and the Manchegan region. Let me present the highlights of his professional career:


Triumphs in Competitions:

  • Bolsín de Ciudad Rodrigo: Samuel was declared the winner in this prestigious competition.

  • Zapato de Plata de Arnedo: He is a finalist in the 20th edition of this event, scheduled for March 18.

  • Winner of Km0 at Vistalegre: In a contest produced by Plaza 1, the Toro de Lidia Foundation, and the Community of Madrid, Samuel emerged as the undisputed winner.

Style and Training:

During the competition held at Palacio Vistalegre, Samuel showcased elegance, presence, and a strong sense of connection.

He travels to Albacete to train with his peers under the guidance of masters Sergio Martínez, Gonzalo González, and physical trainer Víctor Zafrilla.

Despite the presence of “great bullfighters” in Albacete, his role model is Julián López “El Juli”, whom he deeply admires.


Since childhood, Samuel has been immersed in the bullfighting world. His family is particularly fond of street bullfighting, a tradition in his homeland.

In one of the novilladas, he cut two ears from an extraordinary calf by Ginés Bartolomé.

His reward for performance excellence is the opportunity to fight with picadors at Las Ventas.

At just 19 years old, Samuel Navalón expresses himself with maturity and composure, and his future in the bullfighting world promises exciting moments. We’ll continue to follow his rising career!