José María Manzanares

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Bullfighter José María Dolls Samper

José María Manzanares

Date of birth: In Alicante on January 3, 1982

Public debut: The day 29 April 2001

He debuted with picadors: In Nimes (France) on 22-02-2002 on a poster completed by David Luguillano and Juan Bautista with young bulls Victoriano del Río.

Debut Sales: He made his presentation at the bullring of Las Ventas (Madrid) on June 15, 2003 I acartelado with Jose Manuel Prieto and Luis Bolivar with bullocks Los Bayones.

Alternative: In Alicante sharing the stage with Enrique Ponce and "Paquirri" with Daniel Ruiz bulls on June 24, 2003

He confirmed the alternative in Madrid on May 17, 2005 acartelado with Cesar Jimenez and Salvador Vega with bulls Garcigrande.

José María Samper Dolls, also known as Jose Maria Manzanares son is a Spanish bullfighter, son of the bullfighter Jose Maria Dolls Abellan (known as Jose Mari Mazanares). It is one of the best Spanish bullfighters valued in the ranking of bullfighters in the first decade of the century.

 He acted as godfather Valencian matador Enrique Ponce and witness the Andalusian Francisco Rivera Ordonez. Manzanares cut an ear to his first, two ears and tail to his second, both bulls from the herd Daniel Ruiz.

After sharing the stage with his father seasons 2007 and 2008 have highlighted the high artistic level deep, serious and bullfighter from Alicante. In both, despite leaving before completion (in 2007 by dengue and in 2008 by a virus that caused vomiting in the alley of La Condomina of Murcia), he puts heights of his bullfighting, and got among the winners every year. Particularly important was the 2008 season, in which he won resounding victories in Seville April laFeria, and the Fair Bonfires of Saint John, where he left shoulder in two presentations.

On the afternoon of April 30, 2011 pardoned a bull named "Thrown" Nunez from livestock Cuvillo in the Royal Cavalry of Seville, after 43 years without happen.

Since 2006, it is taken over by the Matilla House (Antonio García Jiménez).

Proclaimed by the company Taurodelta San Isidro 2016 as winner of the show, as best task as best thrust.

"José María Manzanares father" to the artistic task of the fair 2016 trophy was awarded to José María Manzanares, for his task the second bull of his lot named "Chiquito" pertaining to livestock Cuvillo Nunez, which he cut two ears.

The Tauromundo Association gave the trophy to the "Best Season "after his triumph in the last Charity bullfight Held in Madrid;
The Ayuntamiento of the city of Malaga awarded him as a winner of the Traditional Corrida Goyesca held last September.

2022 has been a great year for the matador as he occupied the top positions of the matadors' ladder. He performed 49 afternoons harvesting 62 ears and so far in 2023 (the year in which he celebrates his 20th anniversary since his alternative) he already has 9 festejos where he has cut 11 ears.

He has also braided paseíllo four times in first class bullrings and was declared triundador in Fallas.