Pepe Moral

José Moral Fernández, Pepe Moral, was born in Los Palacios (Seville) in 1987. He is the last one who managed to open the Puerta Grande in Madrid as a 'novillero' (steers bullfighter) at San Isidro Fair, in 2007.

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Bullfighter Pepe Moral

José Fernández Moral

Date of birth: on April 3, 1987 in Los Palacios, Seville.

Debut of lights: on May 1, 2003 in Guillena, Sevilla.

Debut with picadors: on September 4, 2005 in Peralta (Navarra) on a poster next to José María Lázaro and Marco Antonio Gómez; Guardiola Fantoni steers.

Debut in Las Ventas: March 25, 2007 in a poster with Francisco Javier and Joselito Adame with steers from Hros. Mayor Manuel Santos.

Alternative: on June 11, 2009 in La Maestranza of Seville on a poster with Uceda Leal and Salvador Cortés; bulls from Gerardo Ortega.

Confirmation: May 7, 2011 with bulls from Conde de la Corte. In a poster with Luis Miguel Encabo and Rafael de Julia.

Manager: Julián Guerra.

Crew: Juan Antonio Carbonell and Francisco Romero, picadors; Vicente Varela, Juan Sierra and Manuel Pérez Valcárcel, 'banderilleros'; Josele de Triana, man of swords.

He stood out as a novillero, leading the ranks in 2007, when he opened the Puerta Grande of Las Ventas.

Best thrust at the April Fair 2016.

He is currently one of the expert bullfighters in hard breeding farms like Miura, Adolfo Martín or Victorino Martín.

Cut two ears in the April Fair of 2017 and 2018 which has returned to give place in Spain, because is France where he has played most recent years.