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Bullring of Valdemorillo, Madrid. San Blas festivity, February. Valdemorillo is located 42 kilometres from Madrid Center. All the information about bullfighting, bullfighters and bullring of Valdemorillo.  

Continue reading below. We explain how to get to the bullring? Historical moments When are the Fiestas of San Blas celebrated? History of the bullring ...

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Valdemorillo Bullring


The Valdemorillo Bullring is located in the Community of Madrid, 42 kilometres from Madrid city centre. It can hold up to 5,000 people and is classified as a third tier bullring.

It is known as the La Candelaria Bullring and enjoys its peak season during the Feria de San Blas, in February, which is one of the most important and eagerly anticipated events, as it is the official opening of the bullfighting season in Spain.


Valdemorillo Bullring History


The Valdemorillo Bullring was constructed in 2002 and officially opened a year later, on 4 February 2003, hosting a bullfight from the Antonio San Román bull-ranch for the bullfighters Vicente Barrera, Ávila Miura and Julio Pedro Saavedra.

The arena can seat 5,000 spectators and has a 45 metre ring diameter. Its main feature is that it is a covered bullring, following a refurbishment in 2007, when the roof was completed. The line-up for the reinauguration of the bullring included renowned bullfighters such as Jesulín de Ubrique, Manuel Día "El Cordobés" and Francisco Ribera Ordoñez, while the bulls fought were also from the Antonio San Román ranch, as was the case at the inauguration.

During the off season, the La Candelaria covered bullring hosts all kinds of events and activities, such as concerts, summer festivals, cinema screenings, etc.


When are bullfights held in the Plaza de La Candelaria? Feria de San Blas 2024, don't miss it!


Bullfights are held during the iconic Feria de San Blas, in honour of Saint Blaise and the Virgin of La Candelaria, also known as the "Fiesta de la luz" (Festival of Light).

The Feria de San Blas is held every year at the beginning of February, and bears the honour of opening the bullfighting season in Spain, making it one of the most important events for bullfighting enthusiasts.

In fact, after a four-month hiatus without bullfighting, the usual Las Ventas fans flock to Valdemorillo, organising a multitude of free bus trips to the La Candelaria Bullring.

The Feria de San Blas 2024 will take place on 7 February, and two bullfights and a "rejones" (mounted) bullfight are scheduled. The bullfighters, bull-breeders and official prices will be announced as soon as we receive the official information.

In addition to bullfighting, the San Blas festivities offer a wide range of activities, including concerts, poetry recitals, street music, gastronomy, etc.


How to get to the Valdemorillo Bullring?


The Valdemorillo Bullring is at Camino Robledo de Chavela 5, and is well connected, with a bus stop on its doorstep.


Historic moments


The inauguration and re-inauguration are the Valdemorillo bullring's two most important historical moments. These are two dates on which some of the most important bullfighters of their day fought in the arena, and which will be remembered forever.

Another important date was 2007, when the Valdemorillo Bullfighting Museum was officially opened, which is inside the bullring, where you can see posters of bullfighting events in the town since 1960, as well as other important traditional bullfighting memorabilia. You can visit it free of charge.

The prestigious Spanish journalist Joaquín Vidal Vizcarro, specialised in bullfighting reviews and author of several books on bullfighting, wrote in one of his articles: “Bullfighting in Valdemorillo is not a futile venture.”.


Who manages the bullring?


Valdemorillo Town Hall has managed the bullring since 2019, following approval in plenary session, after learning of a significant debt owed by the company that had been in charge of the management until then.


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