Brihuega. La Muralla. Bullring of Brihuega (Guadalajara) or "La Muralla". Situated about an hour's drive from Madrid. Traditional Spring Fair. A bullfighting festival with the best bullfighter. Traditional Spring Fair, April. Discover the spirit and culture of Spain.This Brihuega placed to 33 Kilometres of Guadalajara. 

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Brihuega Bullring


The Brihuega Bullring is in Guadalajara, in Castilla-La Mancha, with a capacity of almost 8,000 seats, classified as third-rate.

Better known as La Muralla, its most important moment of the season is the traditional Corrida de Primavera (Spring Bullfight), which is also one of the most eagerly awaited bullfights on the Spanish bullfighting calendar.


La Muralla of Brihuega Bullring History


La Muralla Bullring of Brihuega was built in 1965 by Don Jesús Ruíz Pastor, who was an influential promoter of the town in Guadalajara and who, given the great bullfighting tradition of Brihuega, decided that it was necessary to have a bullring.

The bullring has more than 8,000 seats and is the largest in the province of Guadalajara. It was inaugurated on 12 June 1965 with a line-up that included three of the best bullfighters of the time: Paco Camino, Andrés Hernando and El Cordobés.

The reason why the bullring is known as La Muralla is because it is located right next to the historic wall of Brihuega and also because, with the intention of not breaking the aesthetics, the materials used for its construction are very similar to those of the wall.


How to get to the Brihuega Bullring?


The Brihuega Bullring is in the Plaza del Coso s/n, just at the end of Calle Cozagón, and is easily accessible and easy to find, as it is next to the castle wall, which is the main point of interest in the town of Brihuega.


When are the bullfights in Brihuega?


The La Muralla Bullring is decked out for the traditional Corrida de Primavera of Brihuega, which is held every year in April, and serves to welcome in the spring. 

The Corrida de Primavera (Spring Bullfight) is one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the bullfighting season, and is a unique bullfighting spectacle in the world, typical of Spanish culture and tradition which, as well as being famous for having a truly luxury line-up, makes for a spectacular social event. In 2023, three authentic bullfighting stars such as Sebastián Castella, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey were present, with bulls from the Hermanos García Jiménez breeding farm.

In addition to this prestigious bullfight, Brihuega is a town with an important bullfighting tradition, with the second oldest running of the bulls in Spain, dating back to 1584, and held every year on 16th August, declared to be of Regional Tourist Interest.

The Town Council is currently working to inaugurate the Bullfighting Museum of Brihuega.


Who manages the La Muralla Bullring?


Campo Bravo Alcarreño is currently in charge of managing the bullring La Muralla of Brihuega, which has a great history in the world of bullfighting in our country.


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The Traditional Corrida de Primavera brings together the best matadors and is a date circled in red in the calendar of bullfighting fans, regularly hanging the sold-out sign.

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