Brihuega. La Muralla. Bullring

Bullring of Brihuega (Guadalajara) or "La Muralla". Situated about an hour's drive from Madrid. Traditional Spring Fair. A bullfighting festival with the best bullfighter. Traditional Spring Fair, April. Discover the spirit and culture of Spain.This Brihuega placed to 33 Kilometres of Guadalajara. 

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Bullring La Muralla at Brihuega 

The this bullring constructed in the year 1965, and it is known by the name of " the Wall ", since it is constructed next to the same one. It is the biggest square of the province of Guadalajara undoubtedly The Traditional Spring bullfight is one of the appointments most waited inside the national bullfighting calendar, not only for the category of his cartels every season, but also for the social act that provokes this extraordinary event. But in this square not only this bullfight is celebrated.The city possesses an important bullfighting tradition, celebrates bullfighting events in honor to the Virgin of the Rock in which there are not absent the confinements and bullfights, the autumns holidays (the third Sunday of October) and the San Fermin's celebrations in July,With the particularity of which they are the children carrying horns those that lead the "confinements".

General information about Brihuega

  • Audience capacity: 7.000

  • Category: third category

  • Location: Plaza of the Main street s/n. 19400 Brihuega (Guadalajara)

Who manages the bullring at Brihuega?

The bullring is managed by the Campo Bravo company.

Check the official bullfighting schedule to match a bullfight with your visit dates

  • Traditional bullfighting of Brihuega. Spring Festivity, April.

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