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La Ventana del Puerto

Bullfight La Ventana del Puerto.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from La Ventana del Puerto. Ranch.

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Bulls La Ventana del Puerto 

Owner: D. Friar Lawrence Martin Villa 'Puerto de la Calderilla' 37,607 Tejeda and SEGOYUELA (Salamanca)

Currency: Red and Old Gold.

Acronyms: UNK

Farms 'Puerto de la Calderilla' TAMAMES 37,600 (Salamanca), 'Villar de Flores' 37524 El Payo (Salamanca), 'Justice' Salorino 10,574 (Cáceres).

History: Livestock created in 2000 under Article 5a b) of the Statute, with 71 cows and two stallions 'Puerto de San Lorenzo'. In 2008 is removed and replaced every 70 cows purchased livestock Charro Ms. Maria Loreto Santos, from 'El Pilar'.