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D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés

Bullfight D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés.– Bullfighting Bulls – All the information about cattle firms, Owner, insignia, farms, acronym and history. Buy your tickets for all bull fighting events with bulls from D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés. Ranch.

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Bulls D. Victoriano Del Río Cortés 

Owner: Medianillos Ganadera S.L.

Currency: Black and yellow.

Acronyms: UCY.

Farms: 'El Palomar', Guadalix de la Sierra, Madrid.

History: Division of the ranch of Don Juan Guardiola Fantoni, who came from Gamero Civic, one of the lots fell to his son Don Manuel Soto Guardiola, which he sold in 1951 to Jose Luis Vazquez Garcés, adding cows and sires of Santa Coloma . In 1973 the brothers acquired Vázquez Silva selling it in 1982 to Mrs. Leandra Diaz Martinez, announcing "The Retamar".In 1985 the present owner acquired that eliminates all of the above and how a lot of Don Juan Pedro Domecq, another of Don Luis Algarra Polera with the stallion Villager and seventy cows and three stallions "Jandilla". Then add more cows "the Tower". In 2002 bought by lot one-eighth of the herd "Toros El Torero", all of source Juan Pedro Domecq y Díez.

Proclaimed by the company Taurodelta San Isidro 2016 Best of the fair Ganaderia.

Award bullfight more complete and brave of Bilbao Fair 2019.