Juan Pedro Domecq

Bullfight Juan Pedro Domecq - Spanish cattle farm founded in 1930 by the businessman Juan Pedro Domecq y Núñez de Villavicencio. It is currently registered within the Union of Breeders of Lydia Bulls. The bulls of this ranch graze on the Lo Álvaro estate, located in the municipality of El Castillo de las Guardas, in the province of Seville.

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Bulls Juan Pedro Domecq

Owner: Juan Pedro Domencq Solís

Currency: Scarlet and white

Acronym: UCC

Ear brand: Spearhead in both ears

Ranch: “Lo Alvaro”, Castillo de la Guarda (Seville).


The origin of this cattle ranching is related to the duchy of Veragua, from which they preserve the iron, the white and incarnate currency, as well as the antiquity in which they fought for the first time in Madrid's bullring in the year 1790.


In 1930 Juan Pedro Domecq started as a cattle farmer with the old cattle ranch of the Duke of Veragua and some estates and stallions from Agustín de Mendoza, Count of the Court. In 1937, when the farmer died, his sons took over the reins of the cattle, getting rid of what they had of Veragua origin and getting more cattle from the Conde del Corte and from the livestock of the Widow of Tamarón. This is how the Domecq family begins the creation of its own phenotype, which is spread thanks to the different family branches that were made with bulls from the mother stock, as well as the successive sales that were made to other cattle farmers interested in Juan Pedro Domecq cattle.


1951 Marqués de Domecq cattle farm in charge of Pedro Domecq Rivero

1952 by means of the Osborne Line

1968 livestock Salvador Domecq

1978 El Torero and Jandilla cattle farm

Juan Pedro Domecq y Núñez de Villavicencio participated in the winery business of the family and was the founder of the saga of ranchers that has become, both with the bulls that are in the hands of the family and by the sales made to other breeders, is the most numerous and important branch of the Spanish campo bravo

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